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[Released] CUSA Detector Beta v4

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KiiWii aka DefaultDNB has released "Cusa Detector", which will help you identify if your game is compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.55, he also needs your help to make it better, here is a quote from the source:






CUSA DETECTOR is a (windows only) app I threw together to help quickly identify games with BASE versions <=4.55. It is also part of a larger toolbox I have been working on, but I have separated it out as a standalone app for simple testing. The method I am using is pretty accurate: I think, but I need to be sure. I have referenced octolus, orbismodding, sceparty, and psdevwiki for my current method.


Simply enter the NP TITLE ID of the DISC or PKG you have and get a result instantly. RED for not 4.55 compatible, GREEN for 4.55 compatible.


This app took <10 mins to devise and set up, so I expect there to be a lot of exceptions and bugs, hence why I need testers.



Download v2 via PlayStationSceneFiles




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KiiWii has updated his application CUSA Detector to version 3, here are the changes in this release:



  • Added new messages + fixed typos.
  • Updated exceptions to include heaps more exceptions (thanks @peteruk, @hycraig @godreborn)
  • Updated exception descriptions.



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