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[Release] 4.55 64% symbols database script by picard

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@3141card has given me permission to share this, as well. it is a RE script of 4.55 kernel by himself (the base being used here is the kernel's base without KASLR, 0xFFFFFFFF82200000, so rebase your own kernel in IDA before doing this.)
Contains comments, defined globals, function symbols and other things. in a total of about 20000 functions, 12747 (64%) are defined. I didn't have luck using it with IDA 6.8 and below so i assume this only works with IDA 7.

Enjoy :)

added 2 minutes later

link (forgot about it lol)

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and this is the 4.55 kernel where the script is based (i tested the idc on one of my dumps and it didn't work so i'm also sharing this)


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