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[RELEASE] Huge database of Playstation stuff (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSP,etc..) (156go)


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Hello everyone this is my first thread on PlaystationHax. I'm from France so, sorry if I don't write correctly English.


Today I release the whole database I used on my website PSX Times wich contain :


Firmware :

-Firmware for PS4 (Retail, Recovery, Bêta, Testkit, Devkit)

-Firmware for PS3 (OFW CEX, OFW DEX, OFW DECR, CFW (Rebug, ITA, Arch Darknet, Spy, OVERFLOW, Habib and more !), Downgrader for DEX & CEX, AV Tool, Kiosk Update).

-Firmware for PS Vita (Retail, Devkit, Testkit).

-Firmware for PSP (Retail, CFW, Testing Tool).



-PS4 : 4.50.

-PS3 : 4.75, 4.50, 4.00, 3.70, 3.60, 3.00, 1.92.

-PS Vita : 3.55, 0.945.

-PSP : 0.60, 0.40.


-PS1 : 4.4 & netyaroze

-PSM : 1.21.


Homebrew :


-PS3 (latest and old version of multiMAN, webMAN,etc..).


For the PS4 you also have payload (4.55, 4.05 & 1.76) and  android tool to inject payload,etc.. you will see by yourself ! 


First link : https://t.co/NUA7tuyEz3

Second link : https://t.co/EUnxg7KPjl


Link to my tweet : 

There are almost 156 go of data !








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Wow thanks for this release kind sir. Thats a bit of a list.

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Wow this is great! Definitly will help many many people. thanks for the contribution!

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