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[Tutorial] Play NES and Master System Games on your PS4

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Welcome back guys.


Today we will be using the emulators released by @m0rph3us1987 to run NES and Master System Games on your PS4. 


As this is native homebrew, it is quite simple and easy to achieve. I have a short video below showing you guys, and as usual, i have the written tut below the video :) happy nostalgia guys!




Written Tut:


Step 1: Download these files NES and Sega Master System

Step 2: Locate a rom of your favorite NES or Sega Master System games.

Step 3: Place the downloaded files onto a usb

Step 4: Create a folder on the root of your USB called 'roms'

Step 5: Copy your rom into the rom folder.

Step 6: Plug the usb into your ps4, run your exploit and install the 2 pkg files you downloaded.

Step 7: Run the emulator you want to use and press :4b5c3659c3351809: to load the roms, then select your desired rom and click :4b5c3659c3351809: again to launch the game.

Step 8: Profit? your game should now be running without any issues, if not, you have done something wrong, go back and try again.


Happy nostalgia guys! Catch you all next time.








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