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#Salix #Linux For #PS4 By DANiO

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Today user @DANiO released Salix Linux based on Slackware64 which is built from scratch





- USB stick with 8GB or more 

1. Download salix_ps4.img.bz2, 
2. burn substeps: 
- if on windows use 7zip to uncompress, then use win32 disk imager to write image to USB stick, 
- if on linux use `bzcat salix_ps4.img.bz2 | dd status=progress of=/dev/sdX` - where X is USB stick, 
3. Use kernel-linux payload for hackable fw, 
4. Now you see penguins! 
5. Type: `mount /dev/sda2 /newroot` 
6. And BOO(S)T by: `exec chroot /newroot /sbin/init` 
7. Now you can login as root!

NOTE: the "root" password is "toor", remember it!


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