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[PSVITA]Release VitaShell V1.9 Released Mod0.5 By TheheroGAC[UPDATE3]

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This is a modified version of vitashell from source code 1.9.Compared to the original version it was compiled with the latest source code and includes automatic language support (multi-language), 4 themes (1 by default Electron and Akatsuki by Acemad ) and support for firmware 3.68 (already added by the developer TheFloW). I remind you that to install this mod it is advisable to delete the contents (files and folders) within the ux0: Vitashell






added NeonRift theme by Acemad


added the HatsuneMiku theme by Acemad


should solve the problem with molecularshell

1.9 MOD0.2

Added multi-language support

Reset electron theme

Compiled with the latest source code that includes firmware support 3.68

Insert new xmc0: and sd0: by Princess-of-Sleeping partitions



Vitashell 1.9 mod0.5 via brewology




Source code


Edited by TheheroGAC
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