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Hey guys ^^ So I am just starting up and a while ago at my facebook page and twitter I was talking about making a CFW of my own, which included Rogero patches and Gameboot, to which I have done! And are currently at very early stages waiting to be updated / customised etc (3.55 is still to be tested as I haven't had any time to really downgrade etc as I am on Rebug 4.82 dex / always way to much project work for college lol) and 4.82 0.01 is currently tested! :) Working I went from 4.81.2 rebug to Xenon 4.82 and back without an issue, Install pkgs worked fine and I think there was no issues (Possibly with mounting as I forgot to take Multiman out of dex/cobra mode when I installed lol, if anyone can help with cobra /ps3/ps2 support that would be much appreciated)
 Any idea's or suggestions are appreciated as this is technically me learning but I am quite adaptive! ^^
4.82 Beta Tested on CHECH-2103a - Rebug 4.81.2 > Xenon 4.82 installs fine from XMB - Comgenies worked fine.
Multiman didnt run think possibly due to having it converted to MMcm cobra edition previously forgot to tweak back!any suggestions on if it would work or how to get mounting enabled (including ps2) would be amazing! ^^

Installed back to 4.81.2 from hdd perfectly from XMB
Will be working on customisation / further updates soon after I upload it elsewhere and get it around a bit and more feedback on it! (Its a bit bland atm as its early beta I didnt want to rush to ahead just get a simple cfw working)
If anyone wants to test them for me you're more than welcome to pm the Fb page to let me know how it works! Or my twitter at @SirSonnif
Soon I will update the FW and update the changelogs and info and such but right now its in beta stage as I just got into this side of coding and I'm already pretty choked up with ps1light / prodg etc and now the ps4 sdks hahaha! (YEAH I will be working on Ps4 at somepoint. I hope early enough to find something substantial for the scene before it is completaly pwned! XD)
Here are the features on both firmwares for Playstation 3

3.55 0.01 - 3.55 base ofw
Patch LV0 LDRS to disable ECDSA checks in ALL LV0-loaders
Patch LV0 appldr to disable lv2 memory protection
patch LV1 to to allow mapping of any memory area (needed for LV2 Poke)
         LV2 to add LV1 Peek&poke syscalls
         LV2 Peek&poke syscalls
         Misc rogero patches
         hermes payload SC8 /app_home/redirection & embedded appmount
         Patch SPU PKG verifier to disable ECSDA check
         Patch SPP verifier to disable ECDSA check
         Patch SPU token processor to disable ECDSA checl
VSH patched with rogero patches
Patched to allow installation / running of unsigned/Debug packages
Renabled Gameboot sound and animation on 3.00+
4.82 V0.1a - Xenon Firmware

Tested on CHECH2103A on 4.81.2 Rebug, qa toggled / Patched with @esc0rtd3w's 4.82 Nor webkit exploit v1!  
Not hardware flashed. downgraded to 3.55 previously and QA toggled back up. 

PATCH: XMB - Miscellaneous
-->  Add "Install Package Files" icon to the XMB Game Category
-->  Add "/app_home" icon to the XMB Game Category (its at the top of xmb game / debug settings requires button combo under settings like older fws)

LV0: --> Patch LV0 LDRS to disable ECDSA checks in ALL LV0-loaders
LV0: --> Patch LV0 appldr to disable lv2 memory protection
LV1: --> Patch LV1 for peek/poke support (unused lv1 calls 182 and 183)
LV1: --> Patch LV1 to allow mapping of any memory area (Needed for LV2 Poke)
LV1: --> Patch LV1 to remove LV2 protection
LV1: --> Patch LV1 to disable CoreOS Hash check. Product mode always on (downgrader)
LV2: --> Patch LV2 to add LV1 Peek&Poke system calls (LV1 peek/poke patch necessary)
LV2: --> Patch LV2 to add Peek&Poke system calls
LV2: --> Patch LV2 with misc ROGERO patches
LV2: --> Patch LV2 to implement hermes payload SC8 /app_home/ redirection & embedded app mount
ISO: --> Patch SPU PKG Verifier to disable ECDSA check for spkg files (spu_pkg_rvk_verifier.self)
ISO: --> Patch SPP Verifier to disable ECDSA check (spp_verifier.self)
ISO: --> Patch SPU Token Processor to disable ECDSA check (spu_token_processor.self)

Patch advanced Remote Play
  Patch premo modules to enable Remote Play
  Patch game_ext_plugin module to enable Remote Play

PATCH: Patch translations- fix typos, change strings, replace languages
  Fix a typo in the Italian localization of the sysconf plugin

Patch VSH - Miscellaneous
-->  Patch VSH with ROGERO patches
-->  Patch to allow running of unsigned applications

Remove CINAVIA Copy Protection on HDD Content

Re-enable GAMEBOOT sound and animation on 3.00+ MFW
  Patch game_ext_plugin.sprx to re-enable gameboot

Enable FSELFs on CEX
  Patch self(s) to enable FSELFs on CEX
Link to download the Firmwarez;
XenonDrive ;) google drive / changelogs etc included and full output log from creation for any devs that wanna lend a hand or take a look for yourself! ^^

These firmwares are currently at beta 0.1 and therefore any underlying issues (to which I found none and will be mentioned above) should be related to me instantly. This is pretty much a base CFW atm, I was just making sure it was built and patched correctly an in working order. Afterwhich is when porting and adaptation shall come in to place! (Thus why im looking into the sdks, See if their are any major differences I can make or learn as I am new to this side of coding! 
Make sure console is QA toggled for smoothest and safest install experiance! Descretion is advised this is not fully tested as of yet!
TESTS: 4.82 - #1- initial install and install / boot comgenie. Gameboot enabled. Cobra/something alike support help?
3.55; currently untested ;-;


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Darn typos ?
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