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Ps3 disc backup to psnnpdrm or something?


Hey wonderful hax0rz



Here's my tweet from earlier about it!


So, I have been trying to convert The orange box to PSN pkg or xmb playable state (I want the whole game there as opposed to launching it with webman or anything) I am just wondering if anyone can provide me a definitive way to do so? I got blackscreen upon boot and errors initially when I ☆ check over the xmb Icon, stating sdk self version or something was 10.93000 or something and needed to be 00.00000 (i dont understand much about this stuff but i'm getting there lol) and I resigned them to nodrm and the eboot to which didnt work neither it said selfs where fine (unknown revision) but spu guid not found or something. 


I guess its hardcoded or somethig I just need to know if this is possible and how to do it if so? :) I dont mind technical stuff I am quite adaptive! :)



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