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[Released] PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.2 By @_AlAzif - PS4

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PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.2 By @_AlAzif

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Al Azif has released v0.4.2 of his PS4 exploit host, this has a lot of changes which will be posted below:



  • Javascript/OSX Error fix by @alu0100845235
  • Switched #!/usr/bin/python3 back to #!/usr/bin/env python3 by @artik
  • auto_exploit fix by @MoserB
  • Added HTTP_Port and Root_Check setting by @arioko
  • Added version in menu header by @arioko
  • Renamed Interface setting to Interface_IP requested by @JanJastrow
  • Added --settings arg to specify settings.json file location requested by xeroxmalf#7646
  • Updated README.md
  • Added FAQ.md
  • Add Host_Version into data javascript object to use in themes
  • Add Lang_Code into data javascript object, if available, to use in themes
  • Attempt to detect spoofer with default theme (New included HEN uses 5.51 spoofer... since 5.51 doesn't exist, yet, it's mapped to 4.55, likewise 5.05 is mapped to 4.05 as the full UA for 5.05 is blocked by default so if 5.05 is able to access the page it's actually 4.05, be aware 4.05 support is dropped)
  • Fixed issue with menu not reopening after selecting "Don't send a payload"
  • Renamed DNS_Rules['Pass_Through'] setting to DNS_Rules['Pass_Through_IP']
  • Renamed DNS_Rules['Self'] setting to DNS_Rules['Redirect']
  • Added DNS_Rules['Redirect_IP'] to settings
  • Removed warning on empty setting, the default, for Interface_IP
  • Remove unused patch payload function
  • Updated/Added payloads
  • Removed majority of 4.05 payloads from release
  • Add alias for URL http://the.gate while using DNS (Project likely being renamed due to the next bullets in this list and the announcement)
  • Nintendo Switch (3.0.0) support (Mostly Untested)
    • Block Updates with DNS
    • Redirect connection test
    • No exploit included (nx-hbexploit in next release)
  • PlayStation Vita (3.60) Support (Mostly Untested)
    • Blocks updates with DNS
    • Redirect User's Manual
    • Updater support
    • No exploit included (Henkaku in next release)
  • More console support pending
  • Removed some update settings... I'll build a standalone update deleter or something


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