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[Released] PS4 Cheater v1.4.2 - PS4

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PS4 Cheater v1.4.2

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PS4 Cheater has been updated to version 1.4.2, here is a quote from the source:






Enhanced pointer finder feature.


Pointer finder usage:
1.Find the data address on main window.
2.Click "Find pointer" on the cheat list view.
3.Click "First scan" on "Pointer Finder" window.
4.Reboot your PS4 and restart your game. NOTE: DONOT close "Pointer Finder" window.
5.Find the new data address on main window.
6.Type the new address on the unclosed "Pointer Finder" window.
7.Click next scan on "Pointer Finder" window.
8.Repeat step 4~7 until there are few results.
9.Double click the result for adding cheats to main window.
10.Save your results.


This feature may not find the pointers in some games.


I have changed my job recently. Further update should be slow.




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