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[Released] FTPS4 With JKpatch By @Mistawez - PS4

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FTPS4 With JKpatch By @Mistawez

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Developer and long time PlayStationHaX member @Mistawes has released an update to his PC software for use with the PS4, here is a small quote from the source:





FTP server for PS4 with root access, UART, full debug settings - credits: WildCard, Specter, IDC, Shadow, Xerpi, Vortex, BISOON, xemio


This release has JKpatch included.





NOTE: Currently has a bug requiring it to be ran twice.
The kpayload.elf also need to be built, but generic works fine.


Re-based onto xemio's fantastic jkpatch as a base.


Along with xvortex ftp-vtx

Thanks to all who have contributed!




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Delighted to say I've fixed the bug, so it works fine 1st try now! 😉

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