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Param SFO Editor V0.2

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Hey guys 


well here it is sorry for the delay live has been keeping me busy 





i have made a few changes to the PARAM.SFO Editor 

but here are the basics 

With Raw View (Raw Button) you can see the SFO's Name and value fields as you would in a SFX and from this screen you can also 



So at this time you can save ps3/ps4 sfo's ps3 ones might be a bit buggy and the ps3 sfx's might also be a bit buggy but im sure ill sort it in the next version 


Hope you guys like it let me know if you guys find any other issues with it 


====TO BE DONE====

PS4 Tab On Screen to give more info with offsets ext.

PS3 Main Screen add support for more options like Aldo's Tools Version 

Fix Buggy SFO Saving on PS3 files Stuct issue when writing file

Fix Buggy Extarct of SFX for PS3





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