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Use An ESP-12E Development Board To Host PS4 Exploit

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Codworth has released a Payload that lets you use an ESP-12E Development Board to host a PS4 exploit:






Of course you can use other methods, such as self hosting on your computer, using and Android device or using a Raspberry Pi, but this method is probably the most cost efficient, here is a list of benefits from using this:

  • extremely low cost hardware , available worldwide
  • ability to run 24/7 via usb, self-hosted payloads, no external apps or programs required.
  • includes stable payloads, no memory errors or reloading pages.
  • completely block all updates
  • no need for custom dns server or settings, features automatic redirect.
  • easy to program and update via usb
  • very low power consumption


You can grab the payload here:



You can grab the device here:

You want the board with the USB port and not the tiny WiFi module on its own, it should look like the image above.


There are some people concerned about using this device, such as Reddit user Shabbypenguin:



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