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Manjaro Linux PS4 v1

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tikilou has managed to get Linux running on the PS4 Pro, this version of Linux called Manjaro is a derivative of ArchLinux, here is a quote from the source:





Why Manjaro? Because it is both simple to handle, accessible, but also very flexible, and size advantage, rolling release, which means that it is updated in real time as the release of all its system components (no update to all X times like Ubuntu or Fedora), but also because, based on ArchLinux, it brings its share of tools including the community filing of scripts AUR.
The Aur system, Community, is very interesting, it could be the entry point for anyone to contribute easily for Linux on PS4 software side, via this repository, whoever can propose a script, who will pack automatically any file / software from pre-compiled sources or binaries. It is thus possible to offer applications, games, configuration files, or even ... A customized Linux kernel, custom drivers, etc. And the repository is already teeming with emulators, so it is very easy to compile automatically, the latest revisions from github many emulators (including RPCS3.). 
The AMD x86_64 processor is also a very big advantage of compatibility with the PC universe, with Linux running on PS4.



Source And Download


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