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[Released] PS3Xploit Resigner v1.3.0 - PS3

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PS3Xploit Resigner v1.3.0

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The PS3Xploit team have released PS3Xploit Resigner, here is a quote from the read me to explain what it is followed by the changes:






A tool to resign ps2/ps3/psx/psp content for use with PS3 etHANol 4.82 To resign RIF file you need act.dat, idps.hex and a rap file. output will be signed_act.dat and rif

PKG files are resigned when converting from debug to HAN style PKG but seperate resigning for .ENC/.EDAT/CONFIG is supported PKG resigning is supported including every PKG type i could find





  • fixed rifgen-master if folder exdata not present



  • Resign pkgs for HAN
  • Patch edats and ISO.BIN.ENC of ps2
  • convert debug pkgs to fake HAN style
  • Supports SSE3 instruction set and AESNI for speedup
  • batch file added to make pkg of rap file
  • allowed rap files to be dragged from another folder



  • Delete ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe



  • Delete cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll



  • AESNI support added
  • xor for debug pkg uses SSE3 SIMD instructions
  • 4gb+ pkg supported now
  • memory usage dropped to less than 300mb at all times


You can view a thread on how to use it here:



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