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#PS3Xploit v3.0 Officially Released

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A week ago or so the third major version of PS3Xploit/PS3Xploit Tools was leaked, this was an unfinished version and had the potential to cause damage to your console, but this week we see PS3Xploit officially released:



Whilst the previous versions of PS3Xploit focused on PS3's that could have CFW installed, this release see's support for consoles that cannot have CFW installed, such as 3K slim models and 4K Super Slim models, this version will not give you CFW or PS3 homebrew, but it will give you PS3/PS2/PSP/PSP backups and possibly PS2 homebrew.


Here is a quote regarding the Exploit:


PS3Xploit Tools v3.0 is a suite of 6 tools supporting both official firmware versions 4.81 & 4.82. The only pre-requirement to use HAN is to have an activated PSN user account. It's recommended not to use your main PSN account but rather a spare one. The principle behind HAN is quite simple, due to a vulnerability in the way npdrm content is managed, it is possible to resign game related files with custom keys, patch vsh & install resigned pkg from XMB.


Official PS3Xploit Website

Official Support Forum



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