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Kingdom Hearts 2.8--PS4 Cheater 4.05--Cheat Codes

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First Kingdom Hearts Game of the Three in the List

Will keep updating as I find more.

This one is a little more complicated. I can’t take complete credit as I had a great deal of help from a good friend to get me started.

In PS4 Cheater, once you’re connected and the game is loaded (fyi I played until after the dive point mission), you need to select the following:


n #2, it will be the same for everyone. Always kh3d.elf

In #3, it will be different, but always check off the second executable and uncheck everything else that is checked by default. All the moddable values are found here.

After the Dive mission, I had total points of 660000, which I searched for and came up with 2 results. My offset was 3AE94D00 and was able to change that to whatever I wanted.

2F654524 Meow Wow EXP offset

2F6A3DA0 Sora EXP offset

2F65C44C Sora Munny

Having an issue modding Droplets and items right now, will have to spend more time on it later on but think I am done for now. Will add more later.

Proof so far:


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