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FF XII Zodiac--PS4 Cheater 4.05--Cheat Codes

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Vaan EXP was one of these offsets (couldn’t narrow it down further as it would return 0 results on next scan)


Fairly certain though that is was the very top 66B384D4

Van LP--Did 3 scans and didn’t want to push it any further so just changed all 4 values




Max Gil:


FYI, Gil is not static. Once you save/switch areas, it will drop to 999.

Actually Gil drops to 999 immediately on exiting status screen. :( Though when you are in the shopping district, it seems to stay at 999999999 so i just bought everything I could while I was there :Dand after doing so, Gil stayed at the higher value (decreases when buying items of course but only by the cost of the items).



Will add more codes as I find them.

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