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How To | Install the HomeBrew Launcher With FTP on the switch


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Hi guys. This is a tutorial on running homebrew launcher on the switch, and running the ftp homebrew. 


Please do not forget that the exploit is not 100% guaranteed to work every time, so you will need to try, and try, and if it still doesn't work, try again some more.





As usual, there will be a video and a written tutorial. Please watch the video so you can visually see how to install and run this exploit, and how we will get the homebrew to work. 




Written Tut:


What you will need:

- Switch on firmware 3.0.0

- SD card

- Computer

- Wifi Access


Step 1 - Make sure your switch is on firmware 3.0.0

Step 2 - Download latest nx-hbmenu.

Step 3 - Extract the hbmenu.nro to the root of your sdcard

Step 4 - Download any Homebrew App {FTPD} - and paste this into a folder on your SD card called 'Switch' Which will look like this /Switch/"Your Homebrew App Here"

Step 5 - Put the SD card back into the switch.

Step 6 - Connect to your network, and then modify DNS settings so your primary DNS is

Step 7 - Go back to settings and go into storage, and make sure that your SD card is showing up, i suggest going all the way until it asks you to delete your images, then back out back to settings and into internet section

Step 8 - Run the connection test (click connect to network if already saved)

Step 9 - Click 'Next'

Step 10 - Click 'Install' (use the arrow buttons, do not use joystick or touch screen)

Step 11 - BE PATIENT!!!! I learned this the hard way...

Step 12 - Check the Error Code. It should say 2000-1337, if you got a different error code, it means it could not read the file from your SD card. Reboot and try again.

Step 13 - If you were successful with step 12, then we can move along and connect to the internet again, follow steps 7 - 9, this time you will be clicking 'Run'

Step 14 - BE EVEN MORE PATIENT!!!! I learned this the harder way...

Step 15 - If 14 was successful, you will get a popup telling you to exit the browser, Press 'ok' and wait about 5 sec, then press the home button. It will not go home straight away, do not panic, just wait.

Step 16 - Hoping all went well, now on your home screen, navigate to pictures, and open it. Hopefully you should see the 'Homebrew Launcher' If you did this all correct, if not, please go back to step 7 and try again.

Step 17 - If this worked, and you followed correctly, you should see FTPD homebrew. Launch it and have fun. Keep in mind that you will only be FTP'ing to your SD card on the switch :)

Step 18 - Profit? :angel:


If you did not understand my written tut, please watch the video for further clarification :) 


Happy modding, Peace out

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