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[Update] Hacking #Nintendo #Switch By #Exploiting CVE-2016-4657

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@NeoSabin notified me of this awesome information regarding exploiting CVE-2016-4657 in order to hack the Nintendo Switch, i am not qualified enough to go into detail about the exploit, i do know however from reading the article that it is a Web Kit exploit and it is very easy to achieve:





All that is required to make this work, is to run the Burp Suite program on the host machine, then set the proxy address on the switch to the host’s IP address. Running python’s simple-http-server allows us to server static files from the host file-system.



You can read more about it here:

Exploiting CVE-2016-4657 to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch




Here is a walk through/explanation of the exploit:


Thanks @ConsoleHax

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