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[Released] PS4 Update Blocker By @CelesteBlue123 - PS4

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PS4 Update Blocker By @CelesteBlue123

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@CelesteBlue has released an update blocker for the PS4, which blocks updates O.o

Unfortunately for some insane reason which i cannot understand, he gave the software to LightningMods, who uploaded it to his GitHub without mentioning that it was Celeste who created it, perhaps Lightning is bribing him with nude selfies or some other crazy thing, but none of you care about that, you can grab the software via the download link, or use one of Lightning's links so you don't have to host it for yourself...







The update blocker creates a folder in /update and unlinks the folder DO NOT REMOVE IT You WILL still get the notifcation of a update let the update download to %100 then you will be greeted with a "Cannot download" message and you cannot install it either so now you cannot update it accidentally...



Enjoy not having to worry about accidental firmware updates, Celeste in future please use your own GitHub for your releases, thank you...


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