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Forums are great, you can get help, give help, create tutorials and guides or just hang out and have fun, you can also make many great friends through forums, but the major use for forums is looking for help:




  Sometimes forums can be slow and you cannot always get the help you need in a quick manner, which is why Live help is great, below i will attempt to list the best places i can:




PlayStationBuddies (PlayStationHaX)

Set up by @zecoxao, has many cool people and developers, we chat about anything, users are notified of new news topics on PlayStationHaX, this one is hardcore PlayStation Scene.


PlayStation Hombrew

Set up by @Derf, this server is dedicated to ALL PlayStation devices, there is also a dedicated off topic section called #Bacon and a Buy & Sell section, it is probably the biggest multi PlayStation Discord server.



This one is the companion to @STLcardsWS's forum PSXPlace, it has many channels including one dedicated to game mods and another dedicated to Crypto Currency.


Vita Hacking

An extremely popular server dedicated to the PS Vita, has members of Team Molecule in it.



This server set up by @LightningMods_ is quite a popular one with a multitude of channels, but is mainly dedicated to the PlayStation Scene.





This is the PlayStationHaX vKontakte page, it does not have many members, but posts all PlayStation News from PlayStationHaX.


PlayStation Hack

This is  a popular Russian PlayStation Scene page, it has more than 13,000 members.


PlayStation Private Community

This is another popular Russian PlayStation Scene page, it has over 3000 members and is run by @Lightra1n.


PS4 Jailbreak 

A Russian PlayStation Scene page with over 8000 members.





The Telegram channel for PlayStationHaX





If you know of any more PlayStation related places, let me know in the posts below and i will add them.







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7 minutes ago, GregoryRasputin said:


Не знаете, почему вы разместили это здесь :P

Это тоже форум или я заблуждаюсь?

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