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SNESStation SNES Emulator Released for 4.05

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Hi Guys, today i am bringing you information on the new SNES emulator for PS4, we can finally emulate our favorite SNES games.


Well to be honest, this isn't native PS4 homebrew, as it is a port from the original PS2 emulator, it seems they have packaged it in a PS2 to PS4 pkg file.


This has been ported by Nominus and should work on any PS4 running on exploited 4.05 Firmware. 


The way it works seems to be quite simple, you will need to package your own iso file with SNES games prepackaged as the emulator is not able to escape from the PS2 Sandbox, therefore, all the files need to be included in the package for the time being and then USB support can be added if anyone finds out how to escape the Sandbox. 


To create your own emulator package, please follow instructions below, there will be download links included. I will also create a video once i have more time and it will show you how it all works.








Once you have downloaded the files above, please follow the instructions below to create your pkg file. (these can be found on the readme in the files.)


1. Open disc01 place ROM files in folder
2. Open cdgenPS2.exe, drag all files located INSIDE disc01 folder into cdgenPS2
3. Click IMG on left side, save as disc01.iso [make sure it's an iso file]
4. This is your disc01 for you PS4 FPKG building.
5. Continue to build PS4-PS2 package as usual. Install on PS4 and enjoy.


Thanks for reading guys, and as always, peace out and stay tuned for the next tutorial. 



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Added video. check it out!!!

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16 hours ago, GregoryRasputin said:

Thanks @zapptheman, do you have a Twitter account?


Check PM :)


4 hours ago, STLcardsWS said:

SNES with NES PIC (opps)


I like the releases,


Haha shhh don't tell anyone ;) SNES can play NES games no? 

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