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Nintendo Switch Firmware 1.0 Exploit Write Up SciresM


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There have been a lot of developments going on with the Switch; PoCs of CFW and boot exploits, what firmware will allow time travel, etc etc. Perhaps a good recap thread is in order, in the meantime however this is a good a time as ever to start posting about this stuff. 


SciresM posted a write up on a exploit he developed on in collaboration with others. 



GBATemp Thread titled: jamais vu - a 1.0.0 TrustZone code execution exploit for the Nintendo Switch


From Motezazer and I.

A link to the writeup can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/SwitchHack...is_vu_a_100_trustzone_code_execution_exploit/






YOu can also follow Scires M at https://twitter.com/SciresM



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