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[Released] #PS4Hen - Homebrew Enabler For PS4 - PS4

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#PS4Hen - Homebrew Enabler For PS4

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Those lucky few of you on firmware 4.05 are having an awesome time at the moment and the scene for you has really come alive.

Scene developer @wildcard has released a Hombrew Enabler for the PS4 which gives you the ability to install Homebrew, though that should be obvious, considering it's name, here is a quote from the readme:





PS4 Homebrew ENabler for version 4.05 based on Flatz writeup and using IDC's codebase






If you need help, to install any Homebrew, here is an awesome guide by @Thibobo



If you need any live help, you can always check PlayStationHaX Discord:



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