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Installing and running our first ever ps4 homebrew application (4.05)

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Following on my previous tutorial " How to run the ps4 4.05 kernel exploit for the first time " I will now explain how to install and run our first ever ps4 homebrew pkg. & it's very simple.


Step 1

Go and follow my previous tutorial. Run the kernel exploit from browser or the manual it doesn,t matter.


Step 2

Now inject this payload just like we did with another payload in my previous tutorial.


(This payload will enable the debug settings & will "enable" running homebrew)


Step 3

Now put this .pkg file on the root of a fat32 formatted USB drive. And insert it into one of the usb ports on your PS4


Step 4

Now go to settings -> network & disable internet connection

( that because everytime you want to launch the homebrew app it'll automaticaly download the latest firmware version.) 


Then go to settings -> debug settings -> Game -> Package installer & click on the testapp.pkg to install.


Step 5

Now go back to the PS4 UI & launch the homebrew application, just click "install later" when it asks you to install the latest fw version to use internet connection.






Thanks to every developer involved!



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