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[Released] ONELuaVita v4.00 - #HENkaku #Enso - PS Vita

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ONELuaVita v4.00 - #HENkaku #Enso

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OneLua Team has updated their PS Vita Lua Interpreter ONELuaVita to version 4.00, here are the list of changes:




  • Many constants have been updated, please check the constatnts you are using with new changes on the Documentation.
  • New functions for the camera module and updated incorporated constants for the module.
  • Optimization of the files module (Please check our Documentation).
  • The OSK (On Screen Keyboard) module has been re-written, now the OSK loads with the system language set on the PSVita.
  • Fix Crash of OSK if open more 10 times.
  • The OS module got new functions from wich we highlight:
    • os.getreg(), os.setreg() for the Registry Manager (/CONFIG/).
    • os.saveaccount(), os.restoreaccount(), os.removeaccount() for direct management of the files of your PSN Account.
  • Optimization of the font module, now the default PGF and PVF font loading allows to use 3 fonts on the system: Korean, Latin and the set language font on the PSVita.
    • Added the possibility to load ttf, pgf or pvf fonts.
  • Optimization of the game module, with new attractive functions:
    • game.mount(), game.umount(), game.rif(),game.frif(),game.refresh(). Thanks to the_Flow.
    • game.list(), Has been optimized so the installed apps list on the PSVita can be loaded faster.
  • New functions for the image module, such as image.save() which can be used to convert images to 8 Bits
  • Improved audio player, now plays MP3, OGG, WAV formats, and plays from sources on the network.
  • Added the possibility of Install/Update/Uninstall CustomThemes of 'LiveArea'.
  • Added ONEdebugger - Real-time debugger errors in your scripts.


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