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[Released] #VitaShell v1.77 - #HENkaku #Enso - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

#VitaShell v1.77 - #HENkaku #Enso

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TheFlow has updated VitaShell to version 1.77, adding support for compressed file formats:




  • Added archive support for .7z, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and more by using libarchive.
  • Improved archive file system (opening archives should now be much faster).
  • Fixed keyboard freeze after using it multiple times.
  • Fixed file browser cursor correction.
  • Fixed Electron theme visual glitch and added new settings look (thanks to Acemad).



Here is the QR code to download the file directly to your PS Vita, note that once it is downloaded, you will need to go to molecularShell and install it from ux0:/download



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