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How to run the PS4 4.05 kernel exploit for the first time!


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Tutorial: Running the 4.05 kernelexploit & injecting our first payload!

(In this tutorial i'll show you how to localy host & run the kernelexploit without having to go through the manuals for 25times...)




-Xampp Download here.

-Python installed on your PC Download here.

-Fakedns.py Download here.

-Text editor / Notepad++ Download here.

-Webkit + Kernel exploit Download here.

-Debug settings payload Download here

-Browser permapatch Download here.

-Netcat GUI Download here.

-PS4 running FW4.05 (If you ps4 is running a <4.05FW HERE Is a tutorial on how to manualy update your PS4 to FW4.05)


-Strong internet connection


Preparing your Playstation 4 console:


1) [Settings]> [Power Management Settings]> [Set Available Features in Idle Mode], and then uncheck the box next to [Stay connected to the Internet] and [Allow PS4 activation from the network].


2) [Settings]> [System]> [Automatic Downloads], and then uncheck all the boxes next to [System Software Update Files] and [Automatic Install].


3) Connect your ps4 to the internet, wireless or with ethernet cable.


Your ps4 is now ready (for now).


Preparing your Computer:


1) Install Xampp on your computer.

     Once it's installed you can launch it from: C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe  -> Now click start on Apache & your local server is ready!!



2) Install Python on your computer if you haven't already.

     Now run CMD & use the ipconfig command to find out your computer's IP adress.


3) Copy the fakedns.py file to: C:/Python27/

     In the same directory make a new .txt file and name it dns.txt


     Now paste this into your dns.txt file:

A manuals.playstation.net YOUR PC IP ADRESS

     When done, save the dns.txt file & change the .txt extension to .conf , now you should have a dns.conf file.


4) Now run CMD as admin and write:

cd C:/Python27


Then write:

fakedns.py -c dns.conf

You should get a screen just like this:




Step 1:

Now go to your PS4 and Set up an internet connection by simply changing the primary DNS with your Computer's IP as your primary DNS.

Secondary DNS should be blank ( & test your connection.


Go to the user's guide and launch it


You should now see something like this in your CMD screen: 



And something like this on your PS4 (depending what language you use.) :



Step 2:

On your PC, go to C:/Xampp/htdocs/and create the corresponding folders to have the same path Like just displayed on the PS4.

(this path is different for everyone because of the language you are using.)


For example mine is: C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl 


Now extract the Webkit + Kernel exploit to a normal folder and rename it to "ps4". 


Place the "ps4" folder into your folder so the path matches. For me the path now is C:\xampp\htdocs\document\nl\ps4 


Step 3:

Now go back to your Playstation 4  and launch the user's manual again! 

If you followed everything you should now see a screen telling that the kernel exploit ran succesful! 



Step 4:

Don't close the manual just yet! 

We will now send a payload to your Playstation 4 to enable the debug settings.


Run Netcat GUI -> enter the IP of you ps4 -> change port from 9023 to 9020 -> select the debug_settings.bin file & click "inject payload".



Now click the PS button on your controller to exit to the PS4 UI , now go into settings and scroll to the lower bottom you should now be prompted with the debug settings.



Step 5 (extra):

In this extra step we will now permanently enable the normal web browser so we don't have to do all this again everytime.

Now go back to the user's manual you should now see this screen: 



Now we need to inject the enableWebBrowser405.bin payload just the same way like we injected debug settings payload.


Once injected exit the user's manual by clicking the PS button on your controller & now you can access the normal web browser and use this to run the exploit in the future! (then just go to "your pc's ip"/document/nl/ps4) or other location where the ps4 folder is stored it doesn't matter anymore now.




Have fun!!

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Thanks for the great tutorial :) 

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Thank you for this tutorial, just got my Pro today and upon setting it up came the shocker, firmware 4.07... I followed the S/N codes from the elotrolado page but ah well, anyway, just used your tut with the updated payloads on 4.55 and profit. Gonna spent the weekend tinckering with this beauty. Cheers.

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