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#Kodi Now Available For #Xbox One - #XB1


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  • GregoryRasputin

It has finally happened, XBMC has come back home to the Xbox and this time you don't need a hacked console in order to run it.




Today the Kodi  team released Kodi 18, which is the first x64 version of the software and XB1 owners are now able to run it on their consoles, keep in mind that it is only an Alpha and not a final release, so there will be problems, i have not tried it on my PC yet, but the XB1 version seems to be slow when downloading themes and their dependencies, i also can't seem to connect to files on my network, but all the problems can be understood and easily forgivable


Kodi v18: Windows 64-bit is here

Kodi for the Xbox One

Kodi Twitter

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