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[Released] ManaGunZ v1.31 - #PS3Xploit - PS3


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  • GregoryRasputin

ManaGunZ v1.31 - #PS3Xploit

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@Zar has updated his PS3 Backup Manager to make it compatible with PS3Xploit, here are a list of the changes/fixes :




  •  Fix : Read&write file.
  • Fix : Support big files (+4GB).
  • Add : Italian, hungarian and spanish language.
  • Add : Support fw 4.82 CEX.
  • Fix : Some pnach wasn't applied correctly.
  • Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image.
  • Add : Mount Game from file manager.
  • Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless.
  • Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu.
  • Add : Improved PS2 CONFIG editor.
  • Fix : Removed the DBCONFIG.txt system.
  • Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.


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