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RetroArch v1.7.0 Released - Improved PS3 Port

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I am not sure if many of you remember, but RetroArch started life on the PS3, it was the first console that seen a release of the wonderful multi emulator application, from there it grew into a multi system application.




Today version 1.7.0 was released and brings an improved PS3 port as well as various changes and additions for the other devices RetroArch can run on, first i will list the PS3 changes:

  • Downloads now work
  • Netplay now works. You can netplay between two PS3s, or with another system that is also of the big-endian architecture. For instance – netplay between RetroArch PS3 and RetroArch Wii U works. NOTE: There might still be some endian-specific code in certain cores that can cause bugs.
  • Content Downloader works. You can download many demos and freeware homebrew games from this.
  • Thumbnail Downloader works. You can download boxarts and titles/snaps for your games from here.
  • Core Updater works. Now you can directly download freshly updated cores directly through the built-in Core Updater. New cores will be added over time, and best of all, you don’t need to install a new RetroArch version in order to obtain these new cores either.
  • Improved font rendering inside the menu. Non-Western languages are now also supported by this improved font rendering, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, etc.


Now the rest of the changes:

  • CHEEVOS: Add badges for achievements, shows thumbnail images of achievements.
  • CHEEVOS: Leaderboard support.
  • CHEEVOS: Only disable savestates on hardcore mode if achievements are not available.
  • COMMANDLINE: Fix fullscreen toggle switch.
  • COMMON: Add ‘Automatically Load Content To Playlist’ feature, enabled by default.
  • COMMON: Fix slowmotion ratio always being reset back to 1.
  • COMMON: Optimized NBIO implementations now for Apple, Windows, and Linux. Uses mmap for Linux/Windows/BSD if/when available. File I/O should now be much faster for loading images inside the menu.
  • COMMON: Native Blissbox support now for latest firmware as of writing (2.0). Implementation through libusb and/or native Windows HID.
  • COMMON: New lightgun API.
  • COMMON: New VFS (Virtual File System) API.
  • COMMON: Fixed some playlist bugs.
  • COMMON: New snow shader.
  • COMMON: Fix Quick Menu title, no longer shows ‘Select File’.
  • COMMON: Fix loading cores that require no content one after another.
  • COMMON: Map Delete key to Y button for non-unified menu keyboard controls.
  • COMMON: Fix for relative paths being normalised and generating a duplicate history entry.
  • EMSCRIPTEN: Fix references to browserfs.
  • FREEBSD: Support libusb HID input driver.
  • HAIKU: Buildfix.
  • INPUT: Map clear button to DEL key.
  • LINUX/X11: Add RetroArch logo to window title bar.
  • LINUX/X11: Input driver now supports new lightgun code.
  • LINUX/X11: Support window transparency (requires a compositing window manager).
  • LOBBIES: Fix for crash on join netplay rooms via touch / glui.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Portuguese-Brazilian translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Polish translation.
  • LOCALIZATION: Update Russian translation.
  • MENU: Snowflake menu shader effect.
  • OSX/PPC: Fix the GL2 renderchain, had to use EXT versions of framebuffer/renderbuffer functions.
  • PS3: HTTP requests / downloads should now work.
  • PS3: Core Updater now works.
  • PS3: Improved font rendering, enable STB Unicode font renderer.
  • PSP: Make it work with Vita’s Adrenaline.
  • PSP: Fix audio sync.
  • PSP: Fix content loading, port should be functional again.
  • PSP: Use 64MB when available.
  • SCANNER: Fix crash from Windows-incompatible format string.
  • VITA: Improve packaging, installation times.
  • WIIU: Disabled the controller patcher for now since it was the source of many stability issues.
  • VULKAN: Various stability fixes for WSI.
  • WINDOWS: Add MSVC 2017 solution.
  • WINDOWS: Get rid of the empty console window in MSVC 2010 builds.
  • WINDOWS: Raw input driver now supports new lightgun code.
  • WINDOWS: Use configured OSD/text message color on GDI driver.
  • WINDOWS/XINPUT: Populate XInput VID/PID from DInput so autoconfig doesn’t rely solely on joypad names
  • WINDOWS/XINPUT: Fix crash that occurs in some situations with Steam running and a Steam Controller plugged in.
  • WINDOWS: Improve version reporting under System Information.
  • WINDOWS: Support window transparency.
  • WINDOWS: Correct usage of GetWindowPlacement per MS docs, fixes game window position on Win95/98.
  • WINDOWS: Added Visual Studio 2017 support.




Download Android Version


The RetroArch/Libretro team are a bunch of awesome developers and if you enjoy this software, you really should consider donating to them, it helps them maintain sever costs to host the software and its nightly versions as well as helps them with other projects related to RetroArch, if you can help do it here:


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"Netplay now works. You can netplay between two PS3s, "



Yep that is some xmas miracle shit right there.

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