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Small Changes At PlayStationHaX

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I have wanted to have a front page properly connected to the forum, it seemed to be a pain in the ass, but thanks to a tip by @BenMitnicK i found about 'Portal' which means i have a front page that is directly connected to the forum and is not two separate websites like it was before, so you can view news on the front page, then continue to the forum to comment.




I will also be combining the PlayStationHaX front page with WiiUHaX, so you will see more Nintendo related news on the front page of PlayStationHaX, you can find the old archived articles here:


The link will contain articles from the old PlayStationHaX front page and WiiUHaX front page, if you have followed a link to a Nintendo article and found yourself here, please visit that link and use the search function, WiiUHaX was around two years before PlayStationHaX was created, so there will be a lot of Nintendo articles there that will not be here in the forum.

If you like the old front page you can still use it as i will also be updating it.


Thanks for reading :)



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