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[UPDATE] ONEMenu v2.03 [PS Vita]

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Developer gdljjrod (OneLUA team) released an update for ONEmenu. ONEmenu could be seen as an alternative LiveArea screen which looks a bit like the GUI of the Nintendo Switch. In the past ONEmenu was developed and used as an interface for ARK and VHBL.


It also features a build in explorer from which you can install or delete homebrew application and games.


Changelog 2.03:

  • Small internal changes on Text Editor, to add or delete lines:
    keep pressed triangle right to add a line or left to delete a line;
  • Enabled swipe up/down for category change;
  • Fixed error on text files with text adjustment scroll;
  • Now the PIC1 of the selected game/app is shown if no buttons are pressed;
  • Please update your translations...New lines were added.



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