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#SD2Vita v5 - Apparently The Best Version Yet - #HENkaku #Enso

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I am sure you have heard me speak many times on the v3 SD2Vita adaptors, they are great devices and fit perfectly inside the Vita, apart from when it comes to closing the card bay door on the Slim PS Vita, which is a major flaw if you like to keep your bay door closed.




Now there is a new SD2Vita, which is completely white with black text, it is dubbed the v5, presumably because the failed Hackinformer SD2Vita Plus would have been considered v4?

This adaptor is supposed to fit the slim better and from looking around AliExpress, it seems to be the cheapest yet.


Here are links to the adaptor:




Here is another one, but it seems to be a 'glow in the dark' colour, rather than plain white:



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5 minutes ago, DarkElementPL said:

1,81 euro is quite cheap, but for 21 euro shipping it's not that good :P


That is fucking insane O_O

I can get 10 of the adaptors and still pay less than you:


That is what i will do when my new bank card comes in, i will get 10 and send you one.

added 1 minute later

It sucks that you only have one option for posting :/

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