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[Released] Rebug v4.82.1 Lite

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Developer @Joonie (Team Rebug) has released a new firmware. This firmware is different because it is not REX (Retail) or D-Rex (Developer) like in previous releases but LITE. This is because the developer has not yet been given access to the official developers firmware from $ony. That developer firmware (PUP) is what REX and D-REX are based on.


This means the Rebug 4.82.1 LITE version is similar to the firmware that Sony releases for retail PlayStation 3 consoles but with the necessary adjustments so you can install homebrew and more. The firmware comes with Rebug Toolbox 2.02.15 which allows you to enable Cobra 7.54. Cobra is a payload that adds various functions to the firmware. For example, with Cobra enabled you can load plugins while booting your console and it add's support for loading ISO files (PS1/PS2/PS3/...).




Rebug 4.82.1:

  • Based on OFW 4.82 (CEX / Retail)
  • QA Token compatible
  • OtherOS++ compatibility enabled
  • Package Manager
  • FSELF compatible
  • Rebug Toolbox 02.02.15 included
  • ...

Rebug Toolbox 02.02.15:

Rebug Toolbox and Rebug Firmware go hand in hand. The toolbox contains a handful of useful tools such as an FTP server and the ability to modify system functions. For firmware 4.82.1 Lite it allows you to enable Cobra CFW.


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