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[Update] SD2Vita Plus Is Postponed Indefinitely - #HENkaku #Enso #SD2Vita

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I am sure by now you have seen my numerous amounts of rants towards Hackinformer and his SD2Vita Plus adapter for the PS Vita.






I hadn't taken any notice of the crappy project until yesterday when i decided to take a look at his website and i seen that three weeks ago that the adapter would be delayed by ten days, this is mentioned twice in the article he posted:






Now this was posted on the 2nd of November, 10+2 = 12, so come the 12th of November one should have expected some sort of news, after all they had paid good money, PlayStationHaX very own @tangotnt bought three of them, so people like him should have been the first to know about delays and problems with the adapter.


The Pre Order form was even edited to mention that the adapters would start being shipped on the 16th of November:



That date arrived and nothing was shipped, no one received the adapters that they had paid for.


Yesterday evening i received a Twitter notification from @XandridFire:



In it contained a link to Hackinformers website, the article was titled "SD2VITA PLUS Public Service Announcement & Apology", in the article it states that the SD2Vita Plus is delayed indefinitely:




Now Hackinformer comes up with some lame excuse, blaming his associates, then he goes on to tell you that you can get a refund if you wish, in the first delay article he states that if you paid by PayPal you won't be getting your money back, in the second delay article he states that you can get your money back, only if you ask for it back by 30th of November.





None of this news surprises me, i warned people not to buy them.


What you should do now is ask for a refund and go buy an SD2Vita v3, make sure you keep a log of any correspondence with Hackinformer when you do ask for a refund, if he refuses to give you a refund or tries to get you to wait until he finally decides to release them, then FILE A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL, if an ebay seller had done this, the filing of that report is the first thing you would do.




There is something i forgot to cover, the obvious fake reviews for the device on Amazon:




Both those five star reviews were made two months before the adapter was supposed to come out, do those reviews still stand, considering the people doing the reviewing never actually got the adapter?



I would also like to point out a couple of other things, these adapters are made and manufactured in USA:




Remember how Turkreno and Hackinformer both rubbished the Chinese devices?




None of the plastic on my Chinese adapters has fallen apart.


Also wasn't the Amazon price $15 originally?

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