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[Released] CookieClicker Vita v0.2 - PS Vita

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CookieClicker Vita v0.2

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Creckeryop has updated his PS Vita homebrew CookieClicker to version 0.2, he has done a complete code rewrite, here is a complete list of the changes:




New features:

  • Upgrade (Experemental (28 upgrades)) (every upgrade gives x2 to CpS)
  • Auto-save Every 10 minutes


  • Added OnScreen Buttons
  • Added Settings menu with one option(Reset save)
  • Added Cookie shower
  • Added Milk (just animation)
  • Added Shadows behind buttons
  • Little Optimization
  • Changed livearea bg and startup images
  • Minor fixes
  • New savefile for upgrades (ux0:/data/ccupsave.sav)
  • Fixed >10 000 cps Error


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