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Early Black Friday PS VR Deals In UK - #PSVR #VR

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It looks like retailers are getting read for Black Friday as they have slashed £100 off PS VR, i do not know if this is a permanent price reduction or if it is just for Black Friday, i also do not know if the deals will get any better, but this is how they are so far:





Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Skyrim VR for Free( You will need to click on "View Special Offers" in order to add Skyrim")



Amazon(Affiliate Links)

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Skyrim VR

Sony PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Gran Turismo: Sport



The Starter Pack contains:

  • PS VR
  • PS Camera
  • VR Worlds(Game)


If you shop with Argos, you can also get some cash back on your purchase if you use Quidco.


So close to purchasing the Skyrim bundle, not sure it is something i would use regularly >.<

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Can no longer get Skyrim for free in Argos, states that it is not available for store collection, but available for delivery, where the VR is available for store collection but not home delivery and you cannot split it o that you get both, should have been quicker :(



Managed to get Skyrim for free, had to cancel order and reorder :)

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