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[Released] IDPS Dumper v0.2 By Team PS3Xploit - PS3

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IDPS Dumper v0.2 By Team PS3Xploit

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Everyone likes getting a present on their birthday and the PS3 is no exception, today Team PS3Xploit released an IDPS Dumper that works on the latest PS3 firmware, here is a quote from one of the developers






The idps dumper will create a file on usb000 then beep 3 times & shutdown in all cases, even if flash memory read fails. emmc should not make a difference to this. You will get garbage in idps.bin in that case.


Js error with a black page message on ps3 should not happen. If ever it did, just report & in the meantime keep relaunching the exploit. Nobody has had this issue in dozens of tests though.


And clearing cache or cookies is totally unnecessary with the exploit & the wk js interpreter. Between runs garbage collection will take care of cleaning up what is needed, the job it does is always sufficient.



To run the IDPS Dumper grab the files from the download, or you can visit https://sce.party/ps3/idps/


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