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[Released] PS Vita As A UVC Device PoC v2 By @xerpi - #HENkaku #Enso - PS Vita

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PS Vita As A UVC Device PoC v2 By @xerpi - #HENkaku #Enso

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The awesome @xerpi has released the second Proof of Concept of his application that lets The PS Vita be used as a UVC Device, here is a quote from the source:





I've improved the PSVita as a UVC (USB Video Class) device plugin lately with the following changes in this PoC v2 with respect to the first PoC:

  • Uses Vita's colorspace conversion hardware
  • Uses Vita's JPEG encoder hardware
  • Much improved and faster USB video frame transfer routine

After performing some timing to these three key components, the results are the following with a 960x544 framebuffer:

  • It takes around 2ms to perform the colorspace conversion, which is really fast
  • It takes from 86ms to 120ms to perform the JPEG encoding, which is too slow
  • It takes 2ms to send the video frame, which is fast

If we want to achieve 60FPS, a new frame would need to be ready after 16.667ms, and if you add the worst case time it currently takes (2 + 120 + 2 = 124ms) to process the frame, you'll see that 10FPS are the current expected FPS.
So this leaves us with the following conclusion: if we want a decent framerate, downscaling to 480x272 is a must. This PoC v2 version I'm releasing doesn't have said downscaling yet, as I'd like to hear your opinions/ideas first.
The install instructions are the same as the first PoC, but this time I'm uploading two skprxes, one that streams the SceShell (LiveArea) and another one that streams the games/apps as I have yet to find a way to properly decide which one to select at runtime.




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