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What firmware is your PS4 running?

I bid the PS4 shackles Adieu, do you??  

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  1. 1. Do you have a PS4 on 4.05 firmware or lower?

    • Yes I do :)
    • No it isn't but it will remain on x.xx firmware until that firmware hopefully becomes publicly exploited
    • No I keep my consoles up to date to maintain online MP access.

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Im just a bit curious to see how many people can get in on the action now that fail0verflow has released info about their exploit.



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5.00 on my main one, 3.11 on my "sitting there waiting for hax" one & 3.15 on a piece of shit one that still works but with no casing (might use it on my main one later on because it's the same model) 

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