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Homebrew Coming To #PS4 Firmware 4.55

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You all know of the ability of PS4's on firmware version 1.76 to run Homebrew and backups, well it seems that this method will be coming to PS4's on firmware version 4.55, here is a video from super scene developer @flatz:



Here is a quote from the video's description:


Installation of custom and repacked PKG files on a retail PS4 with a kernel's exploit. A totally different and more bullet-proof method in comparison with the one from 1.76. A write-up on how to achieve this will see the light soon (and again, kernel exploit is needed for that, also porting to other firmwares is possible and shouldn't be hard).


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The exploits will stay private until someone can figure out how to DRM it and put it into pointless hardware that isn't needed at all.

Sadly the console modding scenes have become about money

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