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#SD2Vita v3 Laid Naked Open And Bare - #HENkaku #Enso

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I am sure you have heard me going on and on about the v3 SD2Vita boards, i ordered some and one of those came today, the adapter worked as it was expected to and inserting into the Vita and removing feels just like you are inserting an official PS Vita game cart, i do not have any negatives about the card, apart from the part where you enter the card feel s a little flimsy and anyone with gorilla hands may damage it if they use too much force, but saying that even with my King Kong sized hands, i did not damage it and there is no need to use force on it like you see with other adaptors, here are some photo's of it externally and internally:



I had to remove the images from the article as it was slowing viewing of this page down, but you can see the images here, as well as updated images:



I bought the adapter in the images here:



Still waiting on another four coming from different sellers.

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