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Play native installed flog emulator on Switch

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It's been awhile since the news made the rounds of the game Golf for NES being installed on every nintendo switch as a means of paying tribute to the original creator of the game and main nintendo head op's recently passing. It was a trick to get it to launch because if you connected the console to the internet you couldn't launch it afterwards by just simply changing the date to the required one. But jam1gamer made this tool that runs on the Switch that will eventually launch it. You need to have a Switch capable of running public exploits so 3.0 and lower and then you have a litany of things to do to get it to run. Anyways this gbatemp user blinkzane made a pretty straight forward guide to setting it all up here https://gbatemp.net/threads/apparently-it-is-possible-to-trick-nes-golf-into-loading-on-your-switch.485956/


I figure since it involves a homemade script to launch the game or emulator for the game it would classify as homebrew. the ChangeSetting.Py script. However the game as well as the glof emulator that runs it is not the homebrew that is the thing that is designed to only run on a certain date. 

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