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PSVKit Professional #SD2Vita Adaptor - #HENkaku #Enso

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I ordered one of theses from TaoBao last week as it looked like quite a sexy card, i am not quite sure if the images showed the actual card or just a 3D render, it is only about $6 so i thought it was worth the risk, today when i went to check to see if it was shipped, i was disappointed to see that it wasn't, but i did notice they had updated the description and they have posted a link to a website they have opened for the website, where they have posted a video which i assume is a 3D rendered model of the Adaptor:











I am not endorsing this product, i am merely reporting on it, i am not suggesting that anyone hurries and orders it, hopefully i will get the Adaptor i bought next week and ill be able to post about it.

Buy Link

Official Site



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Visually it looks great, and if it doesnt have some odd form, like being a few mm too tall to not be able to close the lid, it will most likely be great option for people whos not comfortable with bare PCBs - despite the extremely low risk of anything happening to it.

The price feels right for what it is as well, $6 for the pcb in a plastic case isnt bad..... How much were scaminformer charging for their adapter in a plastic case again? oh ye, too much... 


Im fairly confident in saying that the adapter will work just fine because.... Its a fking adapter! :P 

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