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Incoming Cobra Blackfin Leaks At Wololo

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I am sure you remember this article i wrote back in 2015 and this article i wrote in 2016, it was regarding that piracy device called Cobra Blackfin, my opinion on the device was clear in those articles, nothing happened with the device, possibly due to the release of Rejuvanate and then HENkaku, so what happened with it?




If you go over to Wololo's blog you will see an article written about the device, in it the engineer/hacker behind the device states that he was scammed by the main people behind Cobra and that he would be releasing 76GB worth of reversed engineered information, here is a quote:



I developed the BlackFin device for the Vita, on contract for Cobra.

Unfortunately, I was stupid and too trusting, and the contract was for payment on delivery of the product and the guy running the Cobra business sc*** me of over 4 years of work by not paying after I delivered the product.

The BlackFin didn’t sell, so he decided that he wasn’t going to pay me, citing *** excuses to justify his theft of my money, my hard work and my intellectual property. The most baffling thing is that after one year of fighting/negotiating/requesting my money which he still refuses to pay (but promises he’ll pay it “someday”), he still tries to argue to me that he is a man of his word and he isn’t a lying and thieving scumbag.


I have told him that if I do not get paid, then he is forfeiting all intellectual property rights on my work on this project and that I will do what I want with it. I have decided that what I want to do is to release it to the community. There is about 76GB of data to sift through, so these releases will be done over the next few months, so I can take the time to prepare worthwhile releases for everyone to enjoy.


It is not clear whether the info will be of any use, but it will be interesting to see what it contains and also to document on the Vita Dev Wiki



If you want to read the entire message from the hacker and download the file, check Wololo's article


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По мне так нытик-хакер уверяющий что у него есть наработки для PS VITA.

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