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Buy My #SD2Vita Adaptors - Bits Will Fall Out - #HENkaku #Enso

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I really love these SD2Vita adptors from @Hackinformer.







They are such a thing of beauty, such as the ones he sent a Reddit member and the ones he sent developer @Rinnegatamante, here are the adaptors he got:






Hackinformer sent the Reddit user one and it arrived damaged, one could give him the benefit of a doubt that indeed it was damaged in the post, but what one cannot excuse are the 'spacers', here is the one from the Reddit user followed by one that Rinnegtamante received







The opposite side of Rinnegtamante's adaptors:







Now of course Hackinformer has an excuse for these:








And here are responses to that excuse





If you want to compared Hackinformers to  a good board check this one without the metal crap:






Enough about these damn adaptors, lets talk about something else, such as people deleting the shitty articles they wrote:





Did they delete it because people would see them as the ignorant fucks they are, or were they worried that people would see as them as Xenophobic as they clearly hate Chinese stuff, did they do it for damage control?, your guess is as good as mine :)





You can enter this competition, in order to win a 3G2SD adaptor and an SD2Vita adaptor that doesn't have shitty spacers:

Win PS Vita 3G To SD Card Adaptor And More

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Best. Excuse. Ever.









... Those are not rivets, those are clearly drilled, tinned and etched solder/testpoints. No one in their right mind would ever think of using.. alright, lets call them rivets... rivets as "spacers", and even less so TINNED, CONDUCTIVE, rivets.

If you'd really needed "spacers", you know what you should've done? MADE. THE. BOARD. BIGGER.


While I cant comment whether the slots are different sizes between 1k, 2k and PSTV-versions, I can say this: Original carts fits just fine in any of the systems.

The locking is not preventing the cards sliding sideways or wiggling back and forth, the lock is only preventing the card from falling out, so that is completely irrelevant.

If you'd ever taken the time to actually feel on a gamecart in the slot, you'd noticed it moves around quite a lot with no force whatsoever... And, they work without a single issue. In fact, it HAS to move freely a bit in order to slide out and in without damaging itself(or the reader).

The pins are not static in the slot, they are flexible/springloaded to accommodate the movements of the card without losing connection. This is also in place to compensate for the temperature differences that may or may not happen, since metal and PCB's expands and contracts based on the temperature(which we all know all too well with the PS3...). Not much, but enough to cause problem had the pins been static(cracked solderballs anyone?). Ok, the ps3 example isnt strictly relevant, since there wont be nearly as much temperature differences in a card reader as on a processing unit, but the principle is the same.


Jesus fuck, this is kindergarten stuff.... But lets do a real-world example:

I dont have anything to measure with other than this random SD card+reader I have next to me, but in that the card would be able to move +-0.3mm sideways and almost a whole mm upwards without losing connecting.

I dont remember if the vita gamecarts have the same size on the pins as a normal SD-card, but this card is using roughly 1mm wide and 2mm high pins, and the reader's pins(the part that actually touches the sd card) measures roughly 0.2mm wide and 0.3mm high. So yeah, theres a lot of room for the card to flop around in before the connection is interrupted.




TL;DR: You WANT the card to be able to move around a little bit. And come to think of it, if you make it too tight so you'd have to force it in, theres a possibility the pins will bend too much and wont regain the original shape when the adapter is taken out, which might cause original carts to stop working, cause the pins wont "reach" the gamecarts anymore(been there, done that with random SD adapters :P, always fun having to carefully pry the pins back in place, even more so when they snap!).

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