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[Released] Vita2PC v0.1 -#HENkaku #Enso - PS Vita

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Vita2PC v0.1 -#HENkaku #Enso

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@Rinnegatamante has released an application/plugin that will let you stream PS Vita/PSTV games to your PC, here is  a quote from the source:







VITA2PC is a plugin allowing you to stream your PSVITA to your PC. It suports any kind of game (cartridges, Vitamin dumps, maiDump dumps).
NOTE: This plugin will automatically set max clocks and hook SetClock functions in order to not being able to lower them. If you use oclockvita or any other clock changer plugin, they will have no effects at all.


Synchronous vs Asynchronous

VITA2PC allows to start video streaming in two different ways: asynchronous and synchronous.
Async stream will drop some frames but won't have any effect on Vita side.
Sync stream will send every frame but will cause stuttering on Vita side on several games.
Frameskip feature works only with Sync stream.


Audio Streaming

Audio streaming is still higly experimental and can cause several issues depending on how the game manages audio:
- Noise loops
- Game freezes
- Mute audio on Vita side
- Garbage audio or missing audio on PC side

This will be ironed out in next releases.




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Awesome stuff.


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