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[For Sale] PS Vita On 3.60 - #HENkaku

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I do not normally do this, but @centrino is a trustworthy person so i do not mind making an exception for him, he is selling a PS Vita that he refurbished himself and which is on Enso and has an SD2Vita adaptor, the ability to charge the console the normal way is not possible, but being the hardware genius that centrino is, he has modded his own charge port into the console, from the images he has on his ebay page, the console looks in great condition, here is a quote from that page:





ps vita on 3.60 with enso installed and includes sd2vita and micro usb lead the charge port is broken on this one, I have added a pcb mod to allow charging as per the pics vita is in pretty good condition, I have been using it myself for the past month to make sure all is ok with the mod. no sd card included but I can supply a backup of the ux0 folder on disc or upload it for the buyer thanks for looking, please message me if you have any questions






It is being sold for £100, you can view the listing here

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